Membership Fees

We collect membership fees to cover the cost of court hire, shuttles, a single vehicle car-park registration and other club expenditures, on a monthly basis. Depending on how many nights per week you play, the prices are as follows:

  • Playing 1 night per week = £22 a month
  • Playing 2 nights per week = £44 a month
  • Playing 3 nights per week = £66 a month

As a Badminton England (BE) affiliated club, we require that all members are registered with BE. This provides 3rd party liability insurance to all players and supports Badminton development locally and nationally.  The easiest option is to let us register you with BE. The cost is an annual payment of £15.50 per person. However, BE operate the membership scheme from Oct-Oct so when you first join, you will most likely receive less than 12 months’ initial membership. If you are already a BE member or wish to complete the registration yourself, you may do so here (the price is the same either way). You must provide a valid current BE number to the club if you complete the registration process yourself.

All payments are to be made into the club bank account. The account details will be sent to you via email when you join the club. Please do not bring cash to pay for a session.

Please set up a standing order on the 1st day of the month to pay your membership fees for the coming month. If you join the club partway through a month, the remaining number of sessions in that month will be charged on a pro-rata cost of £5.50 per session.

When making your payment, please include the payment reference of “KITESBC T/W/S”.  The letter stands for the day of the week you play, so if you play Sunday and Wednesday, your reference would be “KITESBC WS”. Please don’t include your name or anything else in the reference.  That information is already shown against your payment.

If you decide to join the club, you will receive a welcome email detailing the amount due as the initial payment calculated on a pro-rata basis and including BE membership (unless you opt to do this yourself) to bring you inline with a complete calendar month. You will then be requested to set up a standing order for your monthly membership fees as listed above. Finally you will be provided with a link to submit your vehicle registration to, that will then be provided to Gosling to cover your parking for that vehicle on the night you play. Please note if you come in a different vehicle or fail to provide your registration then you will be subject to normal parking terms and will be fined for not paying.

First-time visitors to the club, get their first night session for free. This allows them to get a feel for the club without having to make any commitment.

A copy of the financial report showing club income and expenditure will be available for any member to review who wishes to do so at the AGM.