Visitors and Guests

You must contact us before the session you wish to attend as a visitor using the Visit Us form or the club email address. Do NOT just turn up to a session you are not registered to play at. The number of players attending each session is directly related to the number of courts available for that session. We limit the number of players per session. This ensures all members play a good number of games without spending too much time sitting off waiting in a session. Visitor / Guest spots are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you turn up to a session without first notifying the club, you may be turned away.

Non-Member Visitors

If you are not a member, you can still attend the club night sessions however a few rules apply. The first session, for anyone who has never played at KitesBC before, is free.

After the first session, you may decide to join in which case you will become a member. However, if you wish to “pay-as-you-play”, you can do this at a cost of £7.50 per session. This is only possible if there is currently space in the session you wish to attend (please see the sessions page for availability). We will ask you to complete a membership form with your personal details, so we can contact you if necessary. You must email the club to inform them before EVERY session you attend, to ensure there is space for you at that session. You can not request a visitor spot more than 7 days in advance. It is not possible to “block book” a visitor spot.

After you have attended 5 sessions as a Pay-as-you-play visitor, we will require to register with Badminton England (BE). This is a requirement of our 3rd party liability insurance provided by BE. This currently costs £15.50. You can register and pay at the BE website Please ensure to select the “club player” level of membership. Once you have provided your BE membership number to the club, you may continue to pay and play.

Existing Member Guests

If you are a paying member and wish to attend another session that is not your usual night, you may do so at the cost of £5 per session. You must email the club BEFORE the session you wish to attend as a guest to ensure there are guest spaces available. Failure to email in advance may result in you being turned away from the session.

You are not allowed to swap sessions. If you are unable to make a scheduled session, you can not attend a guest session free in lieu of the session you missed. You can only request to play another night up to 7 days in advance.