Playing Games Under COVID Restrictions

One of the restrictions the government has put in place, to try and manage the spread of COVID19 is Test & Trace. As a result of this, everyone attending a club organised badminton session has to book in advance. Badminton England (BE) has teamed up with Playwaze to offer an online booking system for all BE affiliated clubs. We will be using this booking system to organise all of our club sessions until further notice.

You must BOOK IN ADVANCE ONLINE using the Playwaze system for every session. If you turn up for a session without having booked, you will not be allowed to play.

Current restrictions state that a maximum of 6 players can play on one court per session. This will mean that there will be 4 members on court at any one time playing doubles and 2 members sitting off. Once the game has finished, the two members who were sat off, will come on court and rotate around with the 4 coming off court. You can NOT mix with players on other courts. When you book in for your next session (the following week if you only play one session at week) we will do our best to mix up the groups so you end up playing with other members that you did in your previous session.

In order to set up the system, we are required to input your name and email address under our Playwaze Kites Badminton club account. You will receive an email from Playwaze from which, you will be able to activate your account.

The booking system allows us to create the groups in the sessions and keep attendance records in the event that there is an outbreak and information is required for test & trace. By joining the Playwaze booking system, you are agreeing for your details to be kept for a minimum of 21 days and for them to be passed onto a third party (such as Gosling/NHS) should it be requested.