We currently run 3 club sessions a week. Each session lasts for 2 hours. We operate a pegboard system for picking games. This means that you should always get a good mix of games with everyone at that session. With the current COVID19 restrictions, we now have a booking system in place and you will be placed in a group of 6 people per session. You will not be allowed to mix outside of your predefined group in the 2-hour session. You can find more information on our Playing Games page here

Club session times are as follows:

Club sessions are due to restart from Tuesday 13th October

Tuesdays 8pm to 10pm – full We are not currently accepting any new members for the Tuesday night session. You can join a waiting list.

Wednesdays 8pm to 10 pm – places available

Sundays 3pm to 5pm – places available. Please note the change of time.


We play all club sessions and matches with Nylon (plastic) shuttlecocks. Whilst some people prefer feather shuttles, they tend to break very quickly and as a result, cost a lot more. Plastic shuttles last for 10 or more games whereas, feather shuttles tend to last for 10 or so points.

We are currently using Yonex Mavis 600 medium white shuttles.