Save Gosling Update

Just to provide a quick update on the current situation as we currently understand it to be. The good news is that f0r the immediate future, it appears the hall has been saved from closure. Thanks to a lot of pressure from the users, the local community, local councillors and even RT HON Grant Shapps himself, GLL have agreed to keep running the sports hall.
It would appear that one of the big factors in this decision, was the Hertfordshire Police Federation agreeing a contract to exclusively rent the hall during the day whilst their facilities down the road are being refurbished. This gives a degree of comfort that the north sports hall is safe from closure for at least the next 3 to 5 years.

The Save Gosling group have joined forces with the old board of trustees of Gosling, to create a working partnership to work alongside GLL in order to maximise the potential of the hall.

Overall a positive outcome and one that allows us to keep our club based at Gosling for the foreseeable future.