Badminton is BACK!!

Finally, after many months of patiently waiting, sat in our living rooms on the sofa watching TV, we are happy to announce that we can now start running club nights again. The first session will be on Tuesday 18th May with the Wednesday and Sunday sessions on the 19th and 23rd accordingly. Thanks to the lobbying from Badminton England, the government guidance has been updated and we no longer have to split people into groups of 6 per court. The new rule is that we can have a group with a maximum of 16 people per 2 courts. Therefore, we have decided to limit numbers to 16 people per session, with 3 courts, therefore allowing for a full mix of games within the people attending that session. You do still need to register for the session prior to attending via Playwaze booking system however so we can keep track of who attended which session in case we need to report that information to NHS Track and Trace.

We are not allowing any new members or guests for the first few sessions but will introduce that once we have established which existing members wish to return to the sessions and how many spaces there will be available per session.

Please setup your standing order payment again starting in June (May sessions will be free due to sessions previously lost due to COVID)

Look forward to seeing everyone back on the court soon 🙂