Club Sessions Restarting (Yay!)

We would like to update you on the current Gosling situation. They have now informed us that as of Monday 5th October 2020, the sports hall will reopen and badminton will be allowed to commence. While this is great news, we will not be returning until the following week, this is because there are still procedures and preparations still to be put in place. This means that the first Kites Badminton Club session back will be Tuesday 13th October 2020. You must bear in mind that the Return to Play information available here, which outlines how our sessions will run, including before and after, is still the case. There may be some slight changes that need to be made regarding entering and exiting the building which will be updated on the website so please remember to check for the latest guidelines. 

As a result of the lockdown, Gosling’s financial situation isn’t in great shape and has meant that their opening hours have reduced. Unfortunately Sunday sessions are sadly affected. The results from the members survey for those who play on Sundays, showed that the preferred temporary alternative was Sunday 3-5pm. Following a conversation with Gosling, the hope is that business will pick up for them and they will be able to revert to the pre COVID opening times to which I have insisted we would want to return to 6-8pm. However, this is very dependent on how many people use the site as a whole, and as such, if they don’t see numbers increasing, their COVID opening times may very well become their normal opening times. As a result of this, our Sunday session will be moved to 3-5pm for a trial period. If this time is not working for us as a club, we will look at alternatives they can offer. Tuesday and Wednesday session times remain unaffected.